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Birthstone Celtic Trinity Kids
Birthstone Celtic Trinity Kids
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Adorable Trinity Celtic kids with birthstones. Add them to jewelry.
-Feet to top of the heard 1/2" tall
-316L Stainless Steel

Item# Item Name Qty Add
Celtickids-wcBoyJAN (00)Celtic BOY JAN
Celtic-kids-wcBoyFeb (01) Celtic BOY Feb
Celtic-kids-wcBoyMARCH (02) Celtic BOY march
Celtic-kids-wcBoyAPRIL (04) Celtic BOY APRIL
Celtic-kids-wcBoyMAY (05) Celtic BOY MAY
Celtic-kids-wcBoyJUNE (06 Celtic BOYJUNE
Celtic-kids-wcBoyAUG (07) Celtic BOYAUG
Celtic-kids-wcBoyJULY (07) Celtic BOYJULY
Celtic-kids-wcBoyOCT (07) Celtic BOYOCT
Celtic-kids-wcBoySEPT (07) Celtic BOYSEPT
Celtic-kids-wcBoyNOV (08) Celtic BOYNOV
Celtic-kids-wcBoyDEC (09) Celtic BOYDEC
Celtic-kidswcGirlJan (13) CelticGirlJan
Celtic-kidswcGirlfeb (14) CelticGirlfeb
Celtic-kidswcGirlMAR (15) CelticGirlMAR
Celtic-kidswcGirlAPRIL (16) CelticGirlAPRIL
Celtic-kidswcGirlMAY (17) CelticGirlMAY
Celtic-kidswcGirlJUNE (18) CelticGirlJUNE
Celtic-kidswcGirlJULY (19) CelticGirlJULY
Celtic-kidswcGirlAUG (20) CelticGirlAUG
Celtic-kidswcGirlSEPT (21) CelticGirlSEPT
Celtic-kidswcGirlOCT (22) CelticGirlOCT
Celtic-kidswcGirlNOV (23) CelticGirlNOV
Celtic-kidswcGirlDEC (24) CelticGirlDEC
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